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This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Les Schwab-Centerville Show 
April 18, 2015
Congratulations Joe Anderson 
Put our expertise to work for you. At BJ4DJ, we are proud to support the car show community with the best car shows and providing the very best music and entertainment at our shows possible. We are proud of our contributions to the community and our support of charity shows to help those in need. We specialize in doing the charity shows.
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Northern Realty Charity Show 
April 24, 2015 
Congratulations Mark Pittman

This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Uncle Lee's 2nd Anniversary Car Show 
April 25, 2015
Congratulations to Lance Kelson
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This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
1st Annual Frozen Udder Car Show 
April 28, 2015
Congratulations to James Thompson
This is the Best of Show Winner from the Buzzbru coffee & more 2nd Annual Car Show May 2, 2015
Congratulations to Craig Call
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Sonic in Layton Car Show
May 8, 2015
Congratulations to Ron Fuller
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
2nd Annual That Hot Dog Place in Roy Car Show 
May 9, 2015
Congratulations to Royce and Tracy Beck
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Chick-fil-A Military Appreciation Night 
May 20, 2015
Congratulations to Mickey Ellis
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Carlos & Harley's 1st Cruise Night 
May 21, 2015
Congratulations to Dave & Sherry Squires
This is the Best of Show Winner from the Northern Realty Charity Show 
May 22, 2015
Congratulations to Dennis Ellis
This is the Best of Show Winner from the Laughing Gas Car Show 
May 23, 2015
Congratulations to Mark Pittman
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Denny's-Ogden Show
May 30, 2015
Congratulations to Randy Short
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Sonic-Centerville Show
May 31, 2015
Congratulations to Jerry Derrick
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
1st Cruise night @ That Hot Dog Place in Roy
June 4, 2015
Congratulations to Neil Radabaugh
Participants Awards to:
Steve & Shirley Coon               Doug & Glory Greenburg
Mike Manilla                              Bob York
Duke Richards                          Tyler Strand
Don Fitzgerald                          Brad Buckway
Jim & Jeanne Crozier               Jay Horrick Jr.
Participants Awards to:
Monte Dowden                          Martin & Mary Sandoval
John Evans                               Philip Gerhard
John Feustel                             Mike Buchanen
Randy Short                             Paul Smith
Brad Buckway                          Chad Buchler
Participants Awards To:
Dick Webster                            Pam Johnson                           
Mitch Manning                          Mark Pittman
Perry Skaug                             John Evans
Wayne Andretti                        Timm Kleeb
Jim & Jeanne Crozier              Randy Short
Participants Awards to:
Gary Hart                          Pat & Brent Nelson
Jolly Goodfellow               Brad Wells
Richard Morrison              Alan & Jill Grundrig
Krisla Hart                        Mike Field
Craig Welk                       Duke Richards
Participants Awards to:
Bernie Poelzl                         Jim Rozanski
Clint Nelson                           Craig Welk
Mike Field                              Mark Pittman
Dave Newton                         Brad Buckway
Brent & Pat Nelson                Rodger Hoffmann
Participants Awards to:
Jerry Kersey                          Brad Buckway
Mario Moreno                        Steve Fern
Parker Fietag                        Hudson Beck
Mike Field                             Cody Whitten
Dave & Sherry Squires         Nate Lees
Participants Awards to:
Shane Goodman               Randy Short
Ben Dick                            Ken King
Gregg Gunzenhauser       Philip Gerhard
John Vine                          Steve Fern
John Evans                       Pam Johnson
Participants Awards to:
Mario Moreno                      Philip Gerhard
Mike Field                            Mark Pittman
Dawn Foust                         Ron Fuller
Chris May                            Dennis Carlson
Tyler Strand                        Jesse Richins

Participants Awards to:
Mike Field                         Wade Schofield
Andy Newton                    Ken McCollum
Mark Hammond                Mark Pittman
Brad Buckway                   Hudson Beck
Daniel Spencer                 Un-named Police Officer
Participants Awards to:
Jerry Pierce                       Frank Harvey
Ron Fuller                         Jim & Carol Harrison
Tyler Strand                      Dave & Sherry Squires
Steve Fern                        Shelby Williams
James Gerhardt                Philip Hayes
Participants Awards to:
​Jeff Hauser                      Dan Loertscher
Mike Brenchley                Noel Blanco
Daniel Spencer               Casey Pederson
John Vine                        Brad Bckway
Gregg Gunzerhauser      Chad Buchler
Mike Field                       Philip Malbusie
Ken King                         Randy Short
John Evans                     Philip Gerhard
Brent Oslrup                   Mike Shumurin
Jim Gerhardt                  Casey Pederson
Sponsor Awards to:
Mike Larsen
Participants Awards to:
Frankie Gallegos                    Neil Radabaugh
Sos Valdez                             Dave Rowe
Dan Mann                              Lorenzo Garcia
Alvin Neilson                          Noel Blanco
Jim & Jeanne Crozier            Rodger Hoffman
Participants Awards to:
Mike Manilla                         Rodger Hoffmann
Willy Marshall                      Joey Spenser
Alan & Fran Richins             Paul Thon
Gary Youngdell                    Wayco Barker
Brad Buckway                     ???
Participants Awards to:
Dick Webster                    Ron Fuller
Royce Beck                      Jimmy Germer
Jimmy Russell                  Don McNee
Mickey Ellis                      Dale Hammon
Tyler Strand                     Dave & Sherry Squires

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
June 6, 2015
Congratulations to Rhett Davis
Participants Awards to:
John Vine                       Wayne Barker
Jerry Pierce                    Eric Hans
Charlene Davis              Wes Davis
Timm Kelleb                   Dave Newton
Brian Young                   Don McNee

***All of our Shows feature an Award From BLH Detailing donated and chosen by owner Brian L. Holtan***

The Winners are:

Filip Malbusie @ Les Schwab-Centerville
Monte Dowden @ Northern Realty (April)
Hudson Beck @ Uncle Lee's
Mark Pittman @ Frozen Udder
Tyler Strand @ Buzzbru Coffee & more
Mike Buchanan @ Sonic-Layton
Seth Corbran @ That Hot Dog Place-Roy (May)
Brad Buckway @ Chick-fil-A
Brent Ostrup @ Carlos & Harley's (May)
Mark Hammond @ Northern Realty (May)
Dennis Carlson @ Laughing Gas
Don Leatherow @ Denny's-Ogden
Cameron Lester @ Sonic-Centerville
Bob & Karen Quintana @ That Hot Dog Place-Roy (June)
Gary Hart @ Sonic-Clinton
​Mary Kerr @ Mount Ogden Health & Rehab (June)
Pete Tacy @ Sonic-Layton (June)
Shaun Tuttle @ Carlos & Harley's (June)
Daniel Spencer @ Riverdale City & Road Respect (June)
Mark & Lisa N. @ Heritage Park Care Center (June)
Cami Davis @ That Hot Dog Place-Roy (July)
Brent & Pat Nelson @ Wienerschnitzel (July)
Chris May @ Sonic-Layton (July)
Frank Delgado @ No Frills Diner (July)
Alan Anderson @ Carlos & Harley's (July)
Don McNee @ Les Schwab-Riverdale (July)
​Ed Vannimwegen @ Northern Realty (July)\
Wayco Barker @ Les Schwab-Centerville (Aug)
Blake Roundy @ That Hot Dog Place-Roy (Aug)
Sam Dezlstra @ Sonic-Clinton (Aug)
Dirk & Vicki V. @ Pep Boys (Aug)
Sos Valdez @ Carlos & Harley's (Aug)
Mike Spiers @ O'Reillys-Clinton
Cecil Ross @ Northern Realty (Aug)
Gregg Gunzenhauser @ HUB801 Genesis Project (Aug)
Greg Warg @ That Hot Dog Place in Roy (Sept)
John Vine @ Carlos & Harley's (Sept)
Fernando Bell @ Northern Realty (Sept)
Brent Ellis @ That Hot Dog Place-Roy (Oct)
Brandon Dawson @ Advance Auto Parts-Roy (Oct)
Mario Moreno @ Smiths-Kaysville (Oct) 
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Mount Ogden Health & Rehab Car Show
June 11, 2015
Congratulations to Dick Newcomb
Participants Awards to:
Dave Close                         Dylan Close
Kallen Kerr                          Don McNee
Steve Williams                   Jerry Pierce
John Vine                           Steve Munz
Brent & Pat Nelson            Pam Johnson

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
June 12, 2015
Congratulations to Jimmy Germer
Participants Awards to:
Mike Field                        Earl Colya
Steve Brower                  Gary Hart
Tyler Strand                    Mickey Ellis
Ron Fuller                       Mike Manilla
Jerry Peirce                    Chris May 
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Carlos & Harleys Show
June 18, 2015
Congratulations to Andy Newton
Participants Awards to:
John Vine                         Sos Valdez
Ron Moore                       Dave & Jo Spinden
Gary Hart                         Dave & Sherry Squires
Andy Newton                   Tyler Strand
CR Coleman                    Mike Field​

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Car Shows for a Cause for the
Weber County Animal Shelter
June 20. 2015
Congratulations to Jerry Shepherd
Participants Awards to:
Brad Buckway             Gregg GunzenHauser                                                   Peter Rathjen              Royce Beck                             Don Houtte                  Brent Peterson
Alvin Neilson               Boyd Stuckey                         John Vine                    Hot Rod Time                          GiGi Camarena           Blake Roundy
Dwain Olsen               Arlo Benson 
Mark Neilson               John Evans                            Dave Jones                 Monte Dowden                     Kevin Pino                  Keith Hutchins 
Don McNee                 Lorenzo Garcia                         Jim & Jeanne Crozier Brent Ostrup
Jeff Singh                    Rod Gallegos                                Cameron Lester          Bob & Karen Quintana 
Sponsor Awards to:     
Daniel Spencer        Joey Spencer                                   Chris Skeen              Brant Marmouze                    Randy Short              Mike Miller   
Linda Skeen              Lisa Street                                Mike Field                  Rich Magoni                         Robert O'Brien           Dirk & Vicki VanBatenberg
Pete Henneberger     Mike Spiers                               Lee & Nona Ellis        Ken King                                   Lisa Vaughn Hart       Dave Close
Dylan Close                Martin Sandoval                         Jim & Jeanne Crozier Frank Erwin                            Gary Knight                Dave Powers
Lee Foxley
Special Awards to:
Best Interior-Coreen Spencer                                  
Best Motorcycle-Hudson Beck
Best Paint-Jerry Pierce
Best Engine-Dave Rowe
Best Convertible-Rodger Hoffmann
Best Truck-Randy & Gloria Ropelato
Best Car-Dave & Sherry Squires
Best Sound System-Ronnie Zamora
Best Graphics-Frankie Gallegos

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Riverdale City & Road Respect Car Show
June 19, 2015
Congratulations to Neil Grose
Participants Awards to:
Tim Taylor                        Timm Kleeb
Randy Coleman               Wade Schofield
Lenny Romero                 Roy Moore
Mike Field                        Gregg Gunzenhauser
Randy Short                     Brad Buckway

This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Heritage Park Care Center Show
June 27, 2015
Congratulation's to Dylan Close
Participants Awards to:
Dwain Olsen                       Don McNee
Jimmy Russell                    Chris Skeen
Roy Moore                          Dick Newcomb
Dave Close                         Ruben Villches
John Vine                           Lenny Romero

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
That Hot Dog Place-Roy
July 2, 2015
Congratulations to Duane Blue
Participants Awards to:
Brian Young                    Jerry Pierce
Royce Beck                     Dave Newton
Jimmy Russell                 Roy Moore
Don McNee                     Jim & Pat Bearde
Arlo Benson                    Paul Smith
Sponsor Award to:
Bob & Karen Quintana

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Wienerschnitzel Show
July 4, 2015
Congratulations to Dwain Olsen
Participants Awards to:
Brandon Adams                       Lorenzo Garcia
Lou Romero                             Rick Martinez
Broc Larsen                             Mark Williams
Mike Chatlin                             Philip Malbusie
Frank Delgado                         John Vine
Sponsor Award to:
Dominic Maughan
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Sonic-Layton Show
July 10, 2015
Congratulations to Brad Buckway
Participants Awards to:
Mike Manilla                          Shane Varley
James Gerhardt                    Mario Moreno
Arlo Benson                          Mike Southerd
John Vine                              Brent & Pat Nelson
"Chico" Ernie Trujillo             Bill Weiss 
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
No Frills Diner Show
July 11, 2015
Congratulations to Lenny Romero
Participants Awards to:
Dwain Olsen                         John Vine
Timm Kleeb                          Rodger Hoffmann
Chandler Barrow                  Jim Russell
Martin Sandoval                   Tim Nichols
Broc Larsen                          Monte Barnes
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This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Carlos & Harley's Show
July 16, 2015
Congratulations to Jay & Pat Webb
Participants Awards to:
Duane Gudgron                Wade Schofield
Ken McCollum                  Mike & Karlyl Formica
Neil Radabaugh               Ted Holtry
Dave Spinden                   Lenny Romero
John Vine                         Carlos & Donna Gonzales
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Les Schwab-Riverdale Show
July 17, 2015
Congratulations to Monte Dowden
Participants Awards to:
Dick Newcomb                    Frankie Gallegos
Kevin Pino                          Jerry Pierce
Jim Gerhardt                       John Vine
John Evans                         Dylan Close
Randy Short                        Dave Close
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
BLH Detailing/Pack N Pounce Car Show
July 18, 2015
Congratulations to Frankie Gallegos
Participants Awards to:
Dave Close                           Randy Short
Lenny Romero                      Pam Johnson
Jim & Jeanne Crozier           Dylan Close
John Vine                              Beckett Schofield
John Evans                           Bob & Karen Quintana
Mike Brenchley                     Frank Delgado
Broc Larson                          Mark Webb   
Ben Dick                               Linda Skeen
Chandler Barrow                   Rodger Hoffmann
Gregg Gunzenhauser           Dick Newcomb
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Northern Realty Charity Show
July 24, 2015
Congratulations to Randy Short
Participants Awards to:
Mike Manilla                         Monte Dowden
Rodger Hoffmann                Tom Davis
Willis Little                            Jerry Derrick
Ray Moore                           Dave & Sherry Squires
Steve & Betty Bangerter      Carlos & Donna Gonzales
This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
Les Schwab-Centerville Show
Aug 1, 2015
Congratulations to Monte Dowden
Participants Awards to:
Wayco Barker                   Danny Gotschall
William Daimler                Mike Manilla
Norm Baker                     Steve & Shirley Coon
Clint Coon

This is the Best of Show Winner from the 
That Hot Dog Place in Roy
Aug 6, 2015
Congratulations to Wes Kilgore
Participants Awards to:
Jerry Pierce                         Stir Martin
Royce Beck                         Kurtis Lashley
Mickey Ellis                         Rod Detterich
Pam Johnson                      Randy & Gloria Ropelato
Dave & Sherry Squires       Alan & Marilyn Clark
Sponsor Choice Award to:
Jerry Derrick​

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Aug 14, 2015
Congratulations to John Vine
Participants Awards to:
Mike Manilla                        Brent & Pat Nelson
Bruce Griego                       Arlo Benson
Jerry Pierce                         Bruce Carstens
Shane Varley                      Ruben Vilches
Roy Moore                          Chris Skeen

This is the Sponsor Award Winner from the
Pep Boys-Riverdale
Aug 15, 2015
Congratulations to Lyn Wayment
Participants Awards to:
Dan Mann                   Dwain Olsen
Jerry Pierce                Alvin Nelson
Wes Kilgore                Noel Blanco
Jim Russell                 Keith Hitchins
Rodger Hoffmann       John Vine
Papa Day                   Darrin Brunell Jr.
Philip Gerhard            Don McNee
Mario Moreno             Cecil Ross
Jim Duran                   Brian Holtan
Dennis May                Ben Dick
Club Choice Award to:
Bill LaPalia

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Carlos & Harley's
Aug 20, 2015
Congratulations to Duane Blue
Participants Awards to:
John Vine                             Pam Johnson
Gary Hart                             Vicki Nelson
Dave & Sherry Squires        Mike Howell
Don Gaskill                          John Martinez
Nancy Garcia    

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Aug 22, 2015
Congratulations to Dee McClure
Awards to:
Boyd Stuckey                       Delfin Romero
Wes Kilgore                         Lyn Wayment
Allie Hansen                        Bruce Bennett
Rudy Dominguez                 Eric Bateman
Rodger Hoffmann

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Northern Realty Charity Show
Aug 28, 2015
Congratulations to Kevin Pino
Participants Awards to:
Pete Hennebeger                 Glen Tennison
Ron Fuller                             Jerry Pierce
Arlo Benson                          Jim & Jeanne Crozier
Mike Manilla                         Monte Dowden
Dave Newton                       Martin & Mary Sandoval
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
HUB801 Genesis Project Car Show
Aug 29, 2015
Congratulations to Mark Neilson
Awards to: 
Mary Kerr - Sponsor Choice Award
Kellee Diamond - Peoples Choice Award
Randy Short - Best Engine
Dwain Olsen - Best Paint
Rodger Hoffmann - Best Preserved
Jim & Jeanne Crozier - Best Interior
Kellee Diamond - Best Rat-Rod
Dylan Close - Best Hot-Rod
Jimmy Gerhardt - Best Wheels
Kallen Kerr - Best Convertible

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
That Hot Dog Place in Roy
Sept 3, 2015
Congratulations to Lyn Wayment
Participants Awards to:
Wes Kilgore                      Neil Radabaugh
Jim Russell                       Arlo Benson
Jerry Pierce                      John Vine
Roy Moore                        Bob & Karen Quintana
Ron Fuller                         Steve & Carloyn

Sponsor Choice Award to:
Dick Webster.
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Carlos & Harley's
Sept 17, 2015
Congratulations to Dave & Sherry Squires
Participants Awards to:
John Vine                           Duane Blue
Keith McComsey               Joey Spenser
Daniel Spenser                  Sos Valdez
Dave & Sherry Squires      Brad Buckway

These are the Winners from the
RC Willeys Car Show
Sept 18, 2015
Best of Show Winner 
Congratulations to Jerry Pierce 
Best Paint Winner 
Congratulations to Sos Valdez
Sponsor Choice Award
Congratulations to 
Doug Greenburg

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Northern Realty Charity Show
Sept 25, 2015
Congratulations to Rudy & Mary Dominguez
Participants Awards to:
Shane Varley                     Kevin Pino
Jorge T.                             Bill LaPalia
Jerry Pierce                       Mark Livingston
Sherry Robins                   Wink Robins
Steve & Shirley Coon        Randy Short

This is the Best of Show Winner from the
That Hot Dog Place in Roy
Oct 1, 2015
Congratulations to Brian Young
Participants Awards to:
Wes Kilgore                      Lyn Wayment
Jerry Pierce                      John Vine
Pam Johnson                    Dwain Olsen               
Jerry Derrick                     Boyd Stuckey
Dave & Sherry Squires     Gary Hart

Sponsor Choice Award to
Hudson Beck
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Advance Auto Parts-Roy
Oct 2, 2015
Congratulations to Rod Gallegos
Participants Awards to:
Devin McCullough              Royce Beck
Timothy Millaway               Mark Frowein
Edna Johnson                    Casey Keller
Wes Kilgore                        Lyn Wayment
Jerry Pierce                        Roy Moore
This is the Best of Show Winner from the
Smiths Food & Drug-Kaysville
Oct 8, 2015
Congratulations to Rudy & Mary Doninguez
Participants Awards to:
Dave & Sherry Squires              Ken Pickens
Pete Henneberger                     John Evans
Bob & Karen Quintana              Bill Weiss Jr.
Bill Weise Sr.                             Wayco Barker
Larry Hegland                           Carlos Arroyo

Sponsor Choice Award to:
Jim Gerhardt
These are the winners from the 2015 Shows.